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Motivation Alone Doesn't Work

If you are like most people I work with, you have a lot of things on your, family, hobbies, maybe even a side hustle or two. With all of these plates spinning, it is hard to make any kind of progress without dropping and breaking one of those plates. 

In fact, that is why most people stay stuck. Most people think that if they can find motivation, they can make it happen on their own. While that may work for less than 1% of the population, the truth is...


Think about it in this way...have you ever been out of shape and tried to get back into working out? Have you tried to do it alone? If you are like me, the few times that I have done this I would sign up at a gym and... up with no plan.


I'd find myself wandering around the gym not really sure what to do until I would leave. I did that a few times the first month and then I would fall off completely. Sound familiar? If you can relate, keep reading.

Motivation alone doesn't work!

Coaching- The Most Efficient Option for Elevating Your Life

You might be asking, how would coaching actually help me?

1-1 coaching with Lara includes

  • Proven strategies that can be implemented in less than 10 minutes a day

  • A specific plan made for YOU built to fit into your schedule

  • Accountability 

  • Weekly 1-1 time to consult on the plan, debrief, and readjust as needed

  • Hub of resources to access as needed

What coaching eliminates...

🚫 Wasting time trying to figure it out on your own

🚫 Getting bad advice from social media

🚫 Falling back into old routines

The fact that you are here on this page tells me that you are serious about making change. 

Book a free information session now so that you can start building sustainable habits to start living a healthier, happier life. YOU are worth it!


I worked with Lara for a year and found her to be a compassionate and insightful life coach who has helped me navigate the challenges of life and emerge stronger than ever. With her unique blend of spiritual guidance, personal introspection, and faith exploration, Lara has become a trusted ally in my pursuit of peace and self-discovery.


Lara's intuitive approach and empathetic nature allowed her to connect deeply with me, while I was facing professional hurdles and grappling with a very challenging and demoralizing personal situation. She helped me explore my spirituality and answer questions I didn’t even know I was asking.  If you're seeking profound transformation, peace, and clarity in your life, look no further than Lara. With her gentle yet powerful guidance, she will help you navigate the complexities of life, unleash your inner strength, and embark on a journey of personal growth that leads to lasting joy and contentment.

-K. Gaddis

Lara is incredibly in tune with others and where they are in their own personal journey. She is an incredible listener and her calm energy and compassion create a safe space for exploring emotions and diving into life’s challenges. Her tools for self reflection provide opportunities for growth and motivation to become a better human in all facets of life.

-L. Fox

Dr. Donnelly has a  kind, loving, light-filled approach that creates a safe space for anyone to heal. She asks thought provoking questions that help you get to the root of whatever challenge you are facing, while providing tools and resources to assist you along the way. 
She is, empathetic, compassionate, patient & intuitive and her sessions I always leave me feeling more grounded, lighter, and full. I truly appreciate her gentle, insightful guidance & calm, intuitive approach. She has been a true blessing during my healing journey. 

-J. Henderson

Stop the Bleeding of Burnout

Are you feeling the effects of burnout like millions of people across the world? Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Significant lack of energy

  • Feeling out of balance

  • Never have enough time

  • When you finally slow down, you get sick

  • Your body gets sick so that you will slow down

  • Panic attacks 

  • Chest pains

If you answered yes to two or more of those, then this is for you! Read all the way to the end of the page to see how small, meaningful habits with accountability can help you start living a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

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